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Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. Therefore, it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy will be profitable.

Asset Allocation may be used in an effort to manage risk and enhance returns. It does not, however, guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Performance of the asset allocation strategies depends on the underlying investments.

This web site is intended to provide general information about Palo Alto and its services. It is not intended to offer or deliver investment advice in any way. Information regarding investment services are provided solely to gain an understanding of our investment philosophy, our strategies and to be able to contact us for further information.

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Please remember that it remains your responsibility to advise Palo Alto, in writing, if there are any changes in your personal/financial situation or investment objectives for the purpose of reviewing/evaluating/revising our previous recommendations and/or services, if you would like to impose, add, or to modify any reasonable restrictions to our investment advisory services.

Palo Alto will provide all prospective clients with a copy of our current Form ADV, Part 2A ("Disclosure Brochure") and the Brochure Supplement for each advisory person supporting a particular client. You may obtain a copy of these disclosures on the SEC website at or you may Contact Us {add hyperlink} to request a free copy via .pdf or hardcopy.

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Please note: Palo Alto does not accept trading or money movement instructions via email.

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If you have any questions regarding our policies, please Contact Us at INFO@PALOALTOWEALTH.COM.


your trusted advisor

for what comes next

For more than a decade, tech professionals have turned to our deep expertise, independent perspective and rigorous analysis to protect and grow their wealth.

your trusted advisor

for crafting life’s plan

We work to build a meticulous long-term plan with each of our clients - and rigorously track progress to ensure success.

your trusted advisor

for optimizing investments

We ensure that the entirety of your portfolio - restricted stock, real estate, 401k - is tailored to your long-term plan.

your trusted advisor

for translating global events

The world is unpredictable. We provide context and actionable guidance to ensure you navigate those disruptions successfully.

who we are

Synch. Up.

When the tech giants of our generation faced critical inflection points for their business, they turned to their advisory boards for guidance. A group of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists; big picture thinkers and implementation wizards. A group hand-picked for their keenly relevant experience and advice.

But where can successful individuals turn when they arrive at their own inflection points

This is why we built Palo Alto Wealth Advisors - to serve as an advisory board to help you with the most important decisions of your life and career.

Our advisors are Stanford MBAs with first-hand experience both at tech companies, and in providing strategic guidance to CEOs. Our perspective is informed by a focus on outcomes, not transactions. And our skill-set in evaluating risk and modeling complex financial decisions is extremely relevant to our clients.

first-hand experience

informed perspective

relevant capabilities

For more than a decade, we have helped our clients navigate the complex arena of tech-centric wealth - where taxes, risk concentration and trading restrictions amplify the value of our expertise.

We are perfectly positioned to help you enjoy more of your success.

Who we help


Our clients include entrepreneurs and start-up founders, c-suite executives and VC investors, as well as family trusts and endowments.


They span the country - from Silicon Valley to New York, from D.C. to L.A. - and reach the Asia Pacific centers of influence.


While many of our clients come from the tech industry, we also serve numerous doctors, lawyers, professors and small business owners.

Our Promise

The common denominator is an appreciation for the breadth of advice, the depth of analysis, and the level of service Palo Alto Wealth provides.

our team

Ryan Schmidt

Ryan Schmidt

“Sometimes, the job chooses you.”

In 2006, having just completed his Stanford MBA, Ryan stepped away from his career in venture capital when his father become seriously ill in order to help run his family’s wealth management practice.  He quickly put on his Boston Consulting Group hat and found an industry designed for scale rather than specialization -- for client acquisition rather than client service. 

However, this landscape created an opportunity for a firm with the expertise and patience to serve a narrow client base in a more effective way.  And his background in the tech sector provided just such an opportunity.  From this unanticipated beginning, Palo Alto Wealth Advisors was born.

In 2016, Ryan was recognized as one of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “40 under 40” based on this specialized approach to wealth management – and the rapid growth that it has garnered.

In addition to his MBA from Stanford, Ryan earned BA’s from Stanford in Economics and International Relations, where he studied in Washington DC, Berlin and Sydney.  When he’s away from the office, Ryan’s passions include spending time with his family, golf and travel.  He’s left-handed … except when he’s not.  His family roots are in Wisconsin and Seattle.   Cheese and coffee flow freely in his house ... though not necessarily at the same time.

Nate Blair

Nate Blair

Nate has a passion for people and investing -- and he is fortunate to use both in applying his two decades of institutional investing experience on behalf of clients. Prior to joining Palo Alto Wealth Advisors, Nate was a Director at Aetos Capital, a $10 billion asset manager, where he managed portfolios for endowments, pension funds and large institutions.

Earlier in his career, Nate worked for The CapStreet Group, a Houston-based private equity firm. At CapStreet, Nate worked with portfolio companies to grow their businesses, serving in various roles ranging from providing strategic advice as a board member to serving as interim CFO.

Nate earned his BA from Rice University and his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Nate has published multiple cases taught at Stanford, with an emphasis on investment related topics, and he has been a guest lecturer in investment and finance courses. He lives in Menlo Park with his wife Tara, a dermatologic surgeon, and two sons. When Nate is not at the office or home, you will likely find him on the golf course, the slopes in Tahoe or running around the neighborhood with his dog.

advisory board

Anne Casscells
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Anne Casscells
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As Co-President and Chief Investment Officer of Aetos Capital, Anne oversees investment decisions on $10 billion of institutional capital, including foundations, endowments and pensions.  Prior to founding Aetos, Anne served as the Chief Investment Officer of the Stanford Management Company, where she oversaw investment decisions for university’s endowment. Anne also teaches a course on investing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Anne’s depth of knowledge and relationships help us provide the best possible investment options for our clients.

Rob Chandra
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Rob Chandra
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As a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners for 15 years, Rob oversaw the firm’s investments in India before leveraging his insights on the patterns of tech IPOs into a successful hedge fund.  Presently, Rob also serves as a faculty member at the Haas School of Business, leading courses on entrepreneurship and private market investing.  Rob’s intellectual curiosity and acumen have benefitted the more than 40 company boards on which he has served.  He generously allows our team and clients to benefit from his expertise, as well.

Charles Hudson III
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Charles Hudson III
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Charles’ deep experience in the tech space includes roles at IronPort and Google, as well as senior business development roles at multiple successful mobile platform start-ups.  He later served as co-founder and CEO of Bionic Panda Games until joining Precusor Ventures as a Managing Partner.  Charles’ earlier VC experience includes SoftTech and In-Q-Tel.  This breadth of experience in growing successful tech companies serves as an invaluable resource to our clients in entrepreneurial roles.

Janet Brewer
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Janet Brewer
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For more than 25 years, Janet’s law firm has offered specialized estate planning guidance to Bay Area families.  Her fluency in issues related to company equity, real estate and cross-border assets places her at the epicenter of the issues most relevant to tech professionals.  With her finger on the pulse of any impactful legislative changes to the estate planning process, Janet’s input ensures that we can anticipate and adapt to such potential risks.

how we help

Build. Up.

Over 90% of financial advisors come from a sales background (Cerulli Associates). Our advisors’ experience is in providing strategic guidance to CEOs. We value expertise, analysis and clearly-defined goals over products and transactions. Our job is to maximize your odds of reaching your goals by removing roadblocks and providing clarity. We don’t achieve this by fitting you into a pre-ordained portfolio. We do it by building a tailored strategy for where you are and where you want to go.

We appreciate how your company stock, home value and earnings potential can be highly correlated. And we know how to quantify and balance that correlation across your portfolio. We believe ours is a unique and valuable perspective in an industry that is often ill-equipped to handle such complexity.

The tech world is incredibly dynamic. Compensation models have evolved from stock options to restricted stock, completely changing the underlying tax calculus. Our tech focus allows us to stay ahead of this ever-moving curve. And our network of clients and partners within the tech space is constantly growing - leading to increased learning and opportunities for our clients.

Our background is uncommon in the wealth management industry. As a result, so is the value we provide.

We understand how to quantify both the opportunity and the risks of concentrated stock positions.

Our focus fuels our value.

Starting a company and looking to connect with a VC partner?
We can help.

Wondering how your equity offer stacks up against others in the same role?
We have the answer.

Leveraging this institutional knowledge on behalf of clients is a powerful tool in creating and protecting wealth.

our solutions

Company Stock

Company Stock

We facilitated an investment credit line so our client could make an all-cash offer on a house without selling a stock position which would have triggered significant capital gains taxes.

At the same time, we implemented an option straddle that provided “free” downside protection in exchange for writing calls at the price point where the client would have sold her stock position anyway.



We identified risk exposure for a high-earning medical practitioner and her husband, and negotiated an advantageous disability policy with her insurance provider. We formed an LLC for their rental property and provided guidance on their estate planning and liability insurance to ensure they were adequately protected from all foreseeable contingencies.



Working with a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, we tailored an investment allocation that created income to bridge to his Series B financing. We provided analysis in support of his 83b election, which saved $400k+ in taxes upon exit. We also crafted and implemented a 10b-5-1 plan to facilitate the divesture of the client’s position post-IPO.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

For a technology company executive, we helped establish and fund a charitable foundation with low-basis stock. We then re-allocated to better reflect the risk profile and funding goals of the foundation without any tax impact.

news & insights

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